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Transform A Space With Motorised Blinds

Automating everything for convenience is the in thing these days. Whether it is your home or office, automation is being tried everywhere to make working more efficient. This is also being tried with window treatments. Manually drawing curtains open or close is a thing of the past. The new trend is motorising blinds and managing the flow of light at the press of a button. Try this innovative window solution to revolutionize your home or office space. Learn more about how motorised blinds can transform your space.


  1. Makeover:If you want to add a style quotient to your home or office, then motorised blinds is something to consider. Open or shut blinds at the press of a button, controlled through a smart device or remote. Whether you want complete blackout to enjoy a movie simply to create a comfortable atmosphere, don’t walk up to manage the curtains. Simply, open or close the blinds using a device. It looks cool and trendy.


  1. Fit: Motorised roller blinds cover the windows completely reaching even the corners, where your curtains can’t reach. As it covers the window edge to edge, you can enjoy complete privacy. The perfect fit also helps protect your home, furniture and fragile household items that can be damaged with intense sunlight.


  1. Flexibility: When installing motorised blinds, another benefit is flexibility. You can operate multiple blinds in different rooms, from one single device. While, this can be convenient for a home setup, when it comes to an office, you can opt for multiple remote controls.


  1. Practicality: If you have elderly parents or people with mobility issue then motorized blinds are the perfect solution. It is the most practical solution in case of injury or being confined to the bed. Motorised blinds are also most practical for hard to reach windows like in the bathroom or for a skylight.


  1. Ease: What makes remote control shades the ideal window treatment is the fact that they come in an array of colours, finishes and design options. So they can be matched perfectly to the décor of any room. Moreover, they can be installed in no time and are very simple to operate.


Transform your home or office space and make it distinct and beautiful with motorised window treatments. Platinum Vision offers several customised or off the shelf solutions that can even be seamlessly integrated into your existing automation system. So what are you waiting for? Call and book a free consolation TODAY.

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