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Platinum Vision Private Home Cinema Theater
Platinum Vision Private Home Theater Cinema Seating

Platinum Vision

Our Story

Platinum Vision is a dedicated solutions provider that brings you world renowned brands in Smart Automation, Audio Visual, Lighting and Home Cinemas & Seating, all under one roof.

Luxury at your fingertips

Private Home Cinema Seating by Platinum Vision
Smart Lighting & Blinds Home Automation by Platinum Vision
Private Home Theater Cinema by Platinum Vision
Private Home Theater Cinema by Platinum Vision

Platinum Vision

Our Services

Platinum Vision offers a comprehensive suite of seamless integrated systems, at your fingertips. Be it audio visual distribution between each room or temperature and lighting control all through a single device. Thus giving you the coolest and smartest house on the block.

A Journey of Transformation

Platinum Vision

Our Collections

Technology can be unreliable. That’s why you should only trust the experts.

Right from the start Platinum Vision has only worked with the best brands in the industry and that’s why we don’t just reap success, we create enduring customer experiences.

After more than 10 years in the business, we are now the leading installation company in the region with more than 100 people specialising in high-end residential and commercial smart automation installations as well as home cinema construction.

Residential Smart Automation
Smart Automation for Commercial Projects
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