Home Automation Professional in Dubai

5 Reasons to Hire a Home Automation Professional


Despite improvements in the ease of setup, most home automation systems work best when designed and installed by a trained professional.

Home automation has been inching slowly into the mainstream, and with new do-it-yourself focused systems hitting the marketplace hard and heavy, consumers are faced with the decision on whether to tackle the setup of a home automation system themselves or to hire a professional to do the job. While you’ll certainly save money by handling the task yourself, don’t let the cost of a professional sway your decision. There are many good reasons to pay for a professional, and the good news is that most manufacturers have implemented technology into their systems that can streamline the programming and installation process significantly.

Here are five reasons that will make you think seriously about hiring a home automation professional:

  1. They Keep Up with Trends

Technology moves at a fast pace. What’s new today is often old tomorrow. Home automation installers make it a point to stay on top of and ahead of the curve when it comes to technology. They know what’s fresh and relevant, and what new developments are on the horizon. This insight is crucial when selecting systems for your home. You can be rest assured that your automation investment is sound and will stand the test of time.

  1. They Understand Technology

We’ve all experienced the frustration of a home improvement project gone wrong. Whether it’s a shoddy paint job or an afternoon kitchen update that turned into a month-long project, moments like these are when most people wish they would have handed over the paintbrush and drill to a pro. The installation of a home automation system is no different. Rarely is setup as easy as the instructions make it seem. Many times the problems have nothing to do with you or the system, but rather unforeseen obstacles like a weak wireless home network and poor structural integrity. A home automation professional is able to work around these challenges and implement solutions to ensure your system works reliably.

  1. They Customise Solutions

The functionality of a home automation system often hinges on the programming of its software, and nobody does this better than a home automation professional. Through vigorous training and ongoing education, they’ve perfected the skill of software programming so that they can tailor a home automation system to meet your precise needs and expectations. These programming skills also come into play when integrating products with a home automation system. For example, if there’s a particular product that’s incompatible with your home automation system, a home automation professional is usually able to troubleshoot and get the two communicating freely. He is also able to personalise the system’s user interface (the menu of commands that is displayed on the screens of tablets, smartphones and touch screens) to be easy and intuitive for everyone in your family to understand and navigate.

  1. They Manage Integration

The integration of electronics into your home will often involve professionals besides the automation professional. A professional can ensure that people like your interior designer, contractor and electrician all understand the goals for your home automation system and are communicating and working together to achieve that goal.

  1. They Provide Peace of Mind

System snags are bound to happen when there’s technology in your house. A home automation professional can remedy the problem—whether the fix is a simple reboot which he can issue remotely or whether it requires some on-site sleuthing to resolve. Amateurs, on the other hand, may be left scratching their heads.