IMAX Residential DCI Cinema

Platinum Vision PV installs the world’s first residential IMAX Private DCI cinema in the UAE Capital City of Abu Dhabi. Comprising of a 10m wide x 6m tall screen and more than 40 speakers and two professional projectors and 16 customised cinema chairs.


With an incredibly tight time line of only 10 weeks delivery PV executed a totally unique IMAX solution, in a private residence, from room fit out and audio-visual installation.


The project included a complete acoustic room design and construction accompanied with an awe inspiring sound system from Californian Audio Technologies CAT, delivering a full 32 channel Dolby Atmos sound system. In addition, two professional Sony Laser SRX-R815P projectors with a passive 3D configuration to deliver earth shattering image and sound.


The system included a number of sources including date release Hollywood blockbusters on demand from Belair Cinema and standard domestic sources such as Apple TV and satellite TV.

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