Bedroom Blinds

Blind Art – Dressing Up Your Windows!


Dressing up your home? Start with your windows!

The increasing use of technology in the home extends to window treatments. With the click of a remote or the setting of a timer, you can now open and close your blinds with ease. Here are 5 places where motorised blinds are especially convenient.


  1. In the bedroom. Motorisation comes at a premium. If your budget allows only for a few such window treatments, you won’t regret installing them in the bedroom, particularly if you have multiple windows. Besides saving yourself the step of manually closing each shade at the end of a long day, motorisation offers the convenience of timed controls. You can program the shades to rise and fall at sunrise and sunset.


  1. In a two story villa.While foyers and large rooms with high ceilings can give your home a classic Victorian charm, it also leaves many homeowners flummoxed about how to dress their hard to reach windows. Motorisation is a no brainer solution, especially for those high up, hard to reach windows.


  1. The outdoor areas. Motorisation is the ideal solutions for outdoor parts of your property like pool houses and garages. Not only does an electronic system offer protection during bad weather, but it also offers convenience of physically walking over just to secure the area.


  1. As a room divider. By mounting drapes, honeycomb shades or vertical blinds on a motorised track, an alcove can be converted to a private sanctuary or guest bedroom with the click of a button. To keep the area as open as possible when the divider isn’t needed, look for a treatment that stacks tightly like an accordion.


  1. In a media room. Designing a media room is no cheap endeavor, so you want to get it right. A large screen and theater style seats are a given, but thick velvet panels on a motorised track are a thoughtful detail that will go far toward transforming your viewing experience from ok to star quality.